October Challenge: Week 4 (the final week!)

Mini Challenges: Book a health-related appointment you have been putting off. A little outside of our norm, isn't it? I want you to take this seriously, though, as keeping up with your appointments is a way of caring for your body and your health on a deeper level, and will help you strengthen your commitment [...]

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October Challenge: Week 3

Mini Challenges Choose 1 or more of the following to complete during the third week of the challenge, October 15th-21st: Have a healthy morning drink every day. Kickstart your digestion and gently help your liver detox with hot water and lemon, boost your nutrient intake with a fruit and veggie-filled smoothie, or have an organic herbal [...]

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October Challenge: Week 2

Mini Challenges Choose 1 or more of the following to complete during the second week of the challenge, October 8th-14th: Cut out the sugar in your coffee. This included coffee creamer/whitener too! No bread or pasta! These foods tend to wreak havoc on our digestion, immune system, and more. Cut them out for a week and [...]

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The top 5 things that will improve your health, in order!

When you’re looking to get healthy, it can be difficult to know what things you should focus on first. The mega and mini challenges laid out each week are a great starting point, but of course there are many other areas you need to take a look at as well. They should all be a [...]

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October Challenge: Week 1

Mega Challenges Choose one or more of the following to complete during the entire 31 day challenge: Sober October: Do not drink alcohol for 31 days. Daily Movement: Participate in some form of physical activity for at least 20 minutes every single day. This could be a full workout, leisurely walk, yoga, quick weight lifting session, [...]

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Shifting Gears for a Healthy Fall

With fall’s arrival, it’s the perfect time for all of us (adults, kids, drivers, office staff, etc) to get back to a healthier routine. Summer typically brings a lot of unhealthy food, drinks, late nights, and an overall lack of routine, so it’s important to get back on track and keep ourselves healthy before the [...]

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Summer Stress-Busters

As the temperatures rise and the schedules fill up, it can be easy to get caught up in the business of summer and let our physical and mental health take a spot on the back burner. Now, you may think that summer time means you’re more active, spending more time outside, and eating more fresh [...]

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Is intermittent fasting healthy?

Intermittent fasting is the practice of restricting your eating window each day, typically to 6-8 hours. For example, fasting from 6pm each  night to 10am the following morning, providing a 16 hour fasting window and an 8 hour eating window in each 24h period.  Each person sets their own time frame and hours depending on [...]

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