Ask the Nutritionist: Do I really need to drink a gallon of water each day?

Q: Do I really need to drink a gallon of water each day? A: Lately, some trainers and nutritionists have been promoting drinking a gallon, or 4 litres, of water per day. But, is that really how much you need? Maybe not.   Our bodies require water, but they also require minerals, and our body works hard to try and balance our water to mineral ratios. If we drink too much water, the body excretes what it doesn’t need, but it [...]

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Supporting the Metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate that your body burns calories and uses up energy from food, so the goal is to have a strong and healthy metabolism so you can burn sufficient calories and maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if you want to. Quite often, individuals looking to lose weight and get healthy will drastically change their diet, eating far fewer calories, not eating in the morning or evening, and only eating vegetables and meats. They’ll see results at [...]

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Beating the SAD Winter Blues

We’re about to head into winter during one of the most difficult years most of us have ever experienced, and you might be feeling the effects of it, including the low energy, irritable mood, or the struggle to get out of bed in the morning. The Winter Blues, more formally known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a common and legitimate issue in climates that experience cold weather and limited sunshine during winter. Even people who don’t typically suffer from mental [...]

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ATN: What’s the “right” amount of exercise?

Q: What's the "right" amount of exercise I should be doing to be healthy? A: Unfortunately, there is no perfect amount of exercise for every individual. Let's break it down a bit further: Our main goal of exercise should be 3 things: Boost endorphins, the "feel good hormones" which improve your mood Increasing energy Improve function and fitness (muscle, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness) Exercise should not be used as a way to burn off as many calories as possible in order to [...]

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Can I eat the same thing every day?

So many of us are creatures of habit: we wake up at the same time, have the same morning routine, and eat the same thing for breakfast each day. While this type of repetition can make life a lot less stressful by reducing the number of decisions we need to make daily, variety is super important in the diet. Every food has it's own profile of vitamins and minerals, macronutrients and micronutrients. Our goal each week should be to eat as [...]

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Should I read ingredient labels or nutrition labels?

If you pick up any packaged food, such as a box of crackers or a salad dressing, you’ll find two labels: the ingredient list and the nutrition facts table, which tells you the nutrient content of the food including fat, protein, carbs, sugar, etc. The mainstream health world has taught us to read the nutrition facts, and to pay attention to specifically the fat, carb, sugar, and sodium content. While this certainly can give you an idea of the nutrient content [...]

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