Healthy Fleet Challenge Participants lose over 1.4k pounds

LONDON, ON – The 1st leg of the 2019 Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge has wrapped up, and the results have proven it to be the most successful challenge yet. Over the course of January & February, participants from across North America lost a total of 1436 pounds and gained a ton of confidence, energy, and motivation. The challenge lived up to its name, with an average weight loss of 10.6 pounds per person. Those who were involved were educated and motivated [...]

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Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle after the Challenge

If you were a part of the most recent Healthy Fleet Challenge, you may be thinking about how to maintain your weight loss, or even continue losing pounds, now that the challenge has ended. I’m here to help! Now that you spent a couple of months cleaning up your diet and getting more active, it’s important that you notice the difference between your current diet/lifestyle and your diet/lifestyle from before the challenge began, in order to recognize what really had to [...]

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Stress Management & Self-Care

This challenge has been primarily focused on improving your diet and exercise habits, with a sprinkling of stress management techniques throughout. This week, I want to focus on that topic more thoroughly, so that you can transition back into your everyday lifestyle with better stress management and self-care techniques, in order to maintain both your physical and mental health. In a world where we are always being pushed to do better, accomplish more, and cram more work into less time, we [...]

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Week 7 Mini Challenges

Drink a smoothie for breakfast 3x this week It's no secret that smoothies are my absolutely favourite breakfast: quick and easy to prepare, easy on the digestive tracts in the morning, and a great way to load up on fruits, veggies, and other supplements/adaptogens before the sun even comes up. Be creative and make your smoothies however you like, but keep it simple! Here's a couple of my favourites: 1 banana, 1 cup spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen cherries, water 1 frozen [...]

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Healthy Food on the Go

Last week we discussed meal prep, but sometimes prepping food for a few days isn’t realistic, so it’s important to have a plan for when you need healthy snacks or meals in a pinch. Whether you’re at a truck stop, grocery store, or fast food restaurant, there are always healthier options, but you need to know how to find them! Truck Stops:  Granola & protein bars – there are plenty! Give the label a quick read to find ones that have [...]

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Meal Prep Made Easy

In theory, meal prep is a great idea; make a week’s worth of healthy food in just a few hours, and have all your cooking done for the week! In reality, it doesn’t always turn out that well; soggy vegetables by day 3, bland brown rice, eating the same meal 5 days in a row, endless plastic containers to wash, and the urge to hit up your favourite burger place on your way home. However, not doing any meal prep can [...]

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