Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge Starts Jan 1!

The Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge is back! During the months of January and February, drivers, staff, and executives from across the industry will buckle down to work towards their weight-loss goals. The first 10 Pound Challenge in 2017 was one of our most successful challenges since beginning in 2014. We’ve seen incredible results with [...]

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Healthy Team App for Truckers

The Healthy Team app is a great way for drivers and office staff in the industry to receive wellness education and motivation from a Nutritionist & Health Coach, as well as encouragement and inspiration from others. Check out this quick video to learn more!

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HFC Weight Loss Winner: John B., Brian Kurtz Trucking

Congratulations to our top weight loss participant in the recent leg of the Healthy Fleet Challenge! John lost 22 pounds during the months of May & June. John found that his weight was slowly creeping up on him, and having to buy new jeans in a bigger size was his wake up call. Knowing that [...]

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Healthy Food in a Truck Stop

Figuring out what to eat in a truck stop can be tricky when you're trying to stay healthy. Fortunately, there's several healthy options available, and our Nutritionist rounded up plenty of them to help you out!

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The Next Healthy Fleet Challenge begins May 1st!

The challenge will run until June 30th, and will take place in the Healthy Team app, where participants receive education and coaching on living a healthier lifestyle on the road. May and June will be the perfect time for those looking to get healthy as the summer approaches, which typically brings along busy schedules, vacations, [...]

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