The Healthy Fleet Challenge motivates drivers and staff to get more active and get healthier both on the road and at the office. Click Here To View



We make Health and Wellness fun and easily accessible by using the latest technology to challenge and educate our participants. Click Here To View



We provide education through multiple methods like test messaging, email, online and over the phone.  You choose what works best for you! Click Here To View

FitBit Tracking

fitbit zipUsing FitBit technology we are able to track and monitor drivers activity, diet and sleep patterns.  This helps us understand each members lifestyle and build a customized program to help them achieve their goals.

Why become a Healthy Trucker?

  • 75% of participant are happy with the result of the program
  • 38% of participants lost over 10 pounds in their first 3 months
  • Feel Better
  • Live Longer
  • Do It For Your Family

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